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Quantitative Portfolio Manager

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As Quantitative Portfolio Manager, you will be part of the management team of a rapidly growing Fintech startup. You should be passionate about disrupting the existing fund management and investment services landscape, by leveraging on your past experience in quantitative investing. You are expected to think out of the box, drive the business and take charge of managing company’s overall investment solution direction with our CEO. This is a unique and challenging role which combines quantitative expertise with strategic thinking in building products that can shape the future of retail investing.


  • Become a trading representative and manage investment portfolio.
  • Implement quantitative trading strategies using Python/C#/C++.
  • Develop Smart Beta research framework and risk management policy.
  • Perform model development activities across various asset classes.
  • Conduct backtesting of various quantitative strategies, understand different data visualization metrics used to present the performance results.
  • Apply data mining and statistical analysis methods to uncover insights in fundamental and other unstructured data.
  • Ensure data integrity, quality and accuracy.
  • Continuously develop innovative investment product solutions for retail investors.


  • A good degree in Computer Science, Financial Mathematics or related field with excellent academic results
  • 2+ years working experience in quantitative portfolio management
  • Experience in implementing automated trading strategies
  • Solid understanding of quantitative portfolio management techniques, such as MPT, Risk Parity, etc
  • Strong proficiency with Python or C# language
  • Strong knowledge in various asset classes such as equities, bond, ETF, options, etc
  • In depth knowledge on how exchanges and market microstructure work
  • Passion for discovering alpha via systematic methods
  • Ability to apply machine learning to solve concrete problem statement is a plus
  • Attention to detail and accuracy
  • Strong analytical, communication and presentation skills

About Us

We are a passionate and multi-cultural team of traders, data scientists, product visionaries, and software engineers working to revolutionize robo-investing for retail investors all over the world. Through our customized, Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions, we are enabling people on the street to fully automate their personal investments, all within minutes!

The AlgoMerchant platform provides direct access to investment algorithms developed by the best quantitative portfolio managers from all over the world. These algorithms cover a diverse range of markets and products from Equities and CFDs to Futures. AlgoMerchant facilitates retail investors to tap the best 'Alpha', tailored to their risk appetites, to manage their personal investment portfolio with complete simplicity. The AlgoMerchant platform and the team are now ready to serve every investor's needs in their journey to invest.

Currently, we're a market leader, and growing fast in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. Join us and become part of the revolution in the world of retail finance!

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