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Product Consultant

Singapore   |   Full Time

We are looking for someone to: 

  • Be the go-to expert on AlgoMerchant’s full suite of products and their inner workings.
  • Perform competitive analysis and client surveys to help brainstorm for ideas on new products and improvements to existing products.
  • Lead seminars and conferences aimed at educating the general public and current clients on the importance of investing, as well as on how AlgoMerchant can help them cultivate a better investment approach.
  • Work closely with Marketing team to create creative, engaging, and informative content for existing and prospective clients. 
  • Assist Sales team in assessing customers’ specific situations to recommend AlgoMerchant products and solutions accordingly.
  • Assist Customer Experience officers in answering more complex client queries or to help resolve complicated issues.
  • Manage High Net Worth clients directly to provide a more involved and highly customized level of service.


  • Good diploma / degree in Business, Finance, Economics or other related disciplines.
  • 2+ years of relevant practical experience in investment management, financial planning or consumer investment products. 
  • Complete understanding of portfolio management, asset allocation, and other investment fundamentals, as well as the ability to explain these concepts at various difficulty levels depending on audience.
  • Knowledge of retail investment and wealth management landscape in Asia, including awareness of competing investment products such as mutual funds and robo-advisors.
  • Strong work ethic and self-driven mentality
  • Ability to make engaging presentations supported by real-time facts and figures in an efficient manner.
  • Ability to speak confidently in front of an audience of any size.
  • Willingness to travel around Asia to assist in launching products in new markets.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin.

About Us

We are a passionate and multi-cultural team of traders, data scientists, product visionaries, and software engineers working to revolutionize robo-investing for retail investors all over the world. Through our customized, Artificial Intelligence-driven solutions, we are enabling people on the street to fully automate their personal investments, all within minutes!

The AlgoMerchant platform provides direct access to investment algorithms developed by the best quantitative portfolio managers from all over the world. These algorithms cover a diverse range of markets and products from Equities and CFDs to Futures. AlgoMerchant facilitates retail investors to tap the best 'Alpha', tailored to their risk appetites, to manage their personal investment portfolio with complete simplicity. The AlgoMerchant platform and the team are now ready to serve every investor's needs in their journey to invest.

Currently, we're a market leader, and growing fast in Singapore, Hong Kong, and South East Asia. Join us and become part of the revolution in the world of retail finance!

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